Tréchauffé Alpine Pasture and belvedere

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The panoramic path above Forclaz leads to a magnificent belvedere above the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva. Continuing along the path, it leads to the Trechauffe mountain pasture where you will find breathtaking views of the Aulps valley and the Jotty lake
  • Tréchauffé Alpine Pasture
  • Tréchauffé belvedere
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Tréchauffé Alpine Pasture

Enjoy the calmness of the area and the authentic mountain chalets. If you're walking up to Tréchauffé's peak, the goat farm is a good place to fill an empty tummy; its restaurant is open all summer and offers local favourites including its famous potato waffles or goats' cheese tartiflette...
  • Tréchauffé Alpine Pasture
  • Tréchauffé Alpine Pasture an Mont Billat
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Tréchauffé Belvedere

The magnificient viewpoint at Tréchauffé affords a panorama that stretches from Switzerland to France. The Tréchauffé viewpoint is a Chablais UNESCO Global Geopark Key Site. On site you can learn about Evian mineral water, the Rhone glacier and Geneva lake (lac Léman). The Tréchauffé Alpage tells of the agricultural production during the summer season. Here, everything has been thought trough for the cattle and their herdsmen.
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How to get to Tréchauffé

High above the village of La Forclaz, take the road signposted Col du Grand Taillé which links the Abondance valley to the Aulps valley. Before you reach the pass, take the minor road with great views to Tréchauffé Alpine hamlet

Tréchauffé location