Walking trail: discovering the village of La Vernaz

  • Level bue - easy
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Circuit n° 1


For anyone who likes the great outdoors, walking and drawing, this is an easy outing to do on your own, with friends or family. With tables for reading and drawing provided, you can set off walking and learn to draw as well.
From the car park at La Vernaz town hall (la mairie), set off from the welcome panel showing the route and follow the surfaced road towards Plan de La Chaux. At the end of this road, continue 100 metres until you reach a drawing table. Take your time to draw what a landscape.
Next, go behind the concrete building and head down to your right. On the way, you’ll find information posts explaining how to identify trees and calculate their age. There’s a second drawing table there too!
The track winds through the forest before reaching La Vernaz’s rose marble quarry. Continue along the surfaced road, on the right-hand side, until you reach the big bend before Le Gerdil hamlet, where you should go left. Follow the route across the meadows, continue along the forest edge until you reach a stream, then go through the orchard. Once at La Villaz hamlet (where you can admire the traditional buildings), take the first road up towards the church, where you’ll find the final drawing table so you can draw the church!
  • Informations Itinéraire :
    • 2.9 km
    • 190 m de dénivelé
    • 100 minutes


  • La Vernaz Discovery Tour
  • Table dessin de l'église de La Vernaz
  • La table à dessins du village de La Vernaz
  • Le village de La Vernaz
  • Table à dessins de La Vernaz
La Vernaz Discovery TourTable dessin de l'église de La VernazLa table à dessins du village de La VernazLe village de La VernazTable à dessins de La Vernaz


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