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The Graydon pastures extend to the foot of the majestic roc d’enfer mountain. The cows and the goats graze the thick grass peacefully around the small chapel will walkers and hikers quench their thirst at the water trough or the restaurant terrace.
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Graydon Chapel

Those who are curious can push open the doors of the little Graydon chapel. It was constructed in the 19 century but has been renovated recently. It offers visitors serenity and healing. There are some masses held during the season.

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How to get to Graydon

It is at an altitude of 1340 meters culminating as high as 2243m. You can get to Graydon by car during summerpassing through Essert-Romand.

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Graydon Pastures

Graydon is also a foodies destination. You can buy cheese directly from the farms. You can find Tomme, Abondance and goats cheese from a genuine local farmer who has been here for 25 years.

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  • Graydon Alpine Pasture

Hikes and walks from Graydon

Graydon is a departure point for a few different hikes and walks from the foot of the Roc d’enfer mountain. The path snakes it’s way across some alpine pastures. You might be lucky enough to see marmottes and chamois too. You have beautiful views over the aravis mountains, Mont Blanc and Roc d’enfer itself.
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