Electric MTB in the Portes du Soleil Area

VTT électrique Portes du Soleil
Electric mountain biking's on the up-and-up in the Portes du Soleil!

This summer, discover this activity; it's a chance to free-wheel your way into an epic modern ride!

A choice of marked trails are available throughout the area and Battery recharging stations are installed throughout the area to ensure you can make the most of the huge amount of biking on offer!

Download the Portes du Soleil Electric MTB map

Useful information:

How good at MTB do I need to be to try electric MTB?
The bikes are easy to handle and the tracks are wide and safe.

How old and how tall do I have to be to have a go?
At least 14 years old and 1 metre 50 tall.
The electric MTB have 26-inch wheels (adult wheels).
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